Sales & Management Training that improves company culture and increases profits.

Welcome to Kinetic Training Solutions!  We train your leaders to lead better, your managers to manage better, and your salespeople to sell more. The bottom line is… a bigger bottom line!

Our training is not for everyone.  It takes a commitment of time, effort and getting out of your comfort zone.  But isn’t that really what it takes to excel?  Lasting success is achieved by consistently doing the things that less successful people are not willing to do. Our formula combines paced learning with personalized coaching for accountability, bringing you exceptional results.

Owners wonder if they are getting the most out of their sales teams.  They want to know who their top performers are, and who are not.  They want good managers who are in touch with their people and who can both motivate and hold them accountable.  Managers themselves who have been promoted to positions of responsibility also seek an ongoing program of professional and leadership development.  That’s just what we provide.

The Management Training Program – Pains, Gains and Features
A program of personal and professional development for your management team

Pains, Gains and Features

1. You have promoted good people to manager, but have they been offered the professional training for management and leadership?
2. Your management team has a huge influence on the success of the company.
3. Training your managers has a multiplier effect on the company’s success.
4. If you have problem employees, do your managers have the tools to address the issues and to hold them accountable?
5. Good training begins at the top level of a company.
6. Strengthen your culture of positivity, professionalism and character.
7. Learn to manage like a leader.
8. This program isn’t for every management team.It requires a strong commitment of participation and application. It will take time and effort, and will take you out of your comfort zone.
9. This can be the most meaningful professional development project your company has ever undertaken.
10. Give your management team a gift that will change their lives, both personally and professionally.
11. The Management Training Package for your company.
12. Give your people the gift of professional development.
13. The Management Training Package for your organization.
14. An investment with multiple returns.
15. You promoted them to management. Have they been trained how to manage?
16. This program isn’t for everyone. It takes a commitment of time, energy and getting out of your comfort zone.
17. As your company expands, your need for good managers and leaders becomes critical.
18. The KTS Management Training Program is the basic course designed to develop managers and leaders in your organization.
19. A combination of group training and individual coaching for accountability.

Results you can expect:

-Increased sales & profits
-A competent and effective management team
-Better employee performance & productivity
-Happier customers
-Lower turnover of managers and employees
-You’ll sleep better