Sales Training

A Program of Personal And Professional Development
For sales professionals – both new and experienced – who are striving for growth and development within their profession.

About The Sales Training Program
Your successful career as a sales professional requires much more than simply learning strategies and techniques. You need to be well balanced in both your personal and professional lives. For that reason, we are committed to helping you develop to your fullest capacity in all areas of your life.

The Sales Training Program addresses much more than how to sell your product or service. Success starts from the inside out, so in addition to the Sales Process, you will also learn principles and strategies to help you maximize personal and managerial success. This includes goal setting, time management, getting out of your comfort zone, managing different personality types, and much more.

As you progress through the Sales Training Program, you may then choose more advanced courses offered through Kinetic Training Solutions to help you develop as a manager and leader. Advanced training topics include such topics as delegation, accountability, problem solving and leadership training.

Upon completion of the Sales Training Program, you will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement recognizing your accomplishment and your commitment to continuous improvement as a Sales professional.