Management Training

A Program of Personal And Professional Development For Your Company’s Management Team

Why This Training Program?

It’s the Management Training Program you need, but didn’t know where to find it. You gave them the responsibility to manage. This gives them the tools to do their job. Professionalism and competence begin at the top. With you. With your management team. If you have problem employees, do your managers have the tools to hold them accountable? Professional development is the best investment you can make in your people and in your company.

The Purpose and Elements of the KTS Management Training Program

Long-term success for a company requires that it be dynamic and growing. As you continue your program of external and internal growth, the need for effective managers and leaders is ever expanding. A culture of professionalism, character and cooperation requires dedicated professionals who are highly skilled, experienced and able; and who are committed to develop those around them.

The KTS Management Training Program is the basic course designed to develop managers and leaders in an organization. It includes six group workshops, enhanced by one-on-one personal coaching
sessions. Workshops are spaced three weeks apart. During each of the two weeks between workshops, each participant meets in a scheduled one-hour personal coaching session with the professional coach to discuss and apply the workshop principles.

A strong commitment of attendance, participation and accountability is required of those participating in this program. Your involvement will require both time and effort, and it will take you out of your comfort zone.

KTS Management Training Program Workshop Topics

Session #1: “Prepare Yourself For Management Success”
1. It All Starts In Your Head
2. Recognizing The Mental Barriers To Success
3. Put The Power Of Habit To Work For You
4. A Goal-Setting Process That Really Works
5. How To Gain Control Of Your Time And Your Day

Session #2: “Become A Master Of Communication”
1. How You Perceive Yourself And How Others Perceive You
2. Communication Secrets: Verbal, Vocal And Visual
3. Listening Skills For Leaders
4. Dressing For Success: Is What They See Really What They Get?
5. Master The Behavioral And Personality Styles

Session #3: “How To Manage Like A Leader”
1. Responsibility, Accountability And Authority
2. With Problem Employees, Who Really Has The Problem
3. Get To The Bottom Of The Issue
4. Maximize Your Productivity Through Delegation
5. Managing Your People: One-On-One Meetings
6. Correction And Recognition Using The Feedback Model

Session #4: “You Have A Bigger Sales Team Than You Thought”
1. Is Everyone A Salesperson? Really?
2. Help Your People Uncover Additional Sales Opportunities
3. How To Drive A Positive Sales Culture

Session #5: “Effectively Manage In Stressful Conditions”

1. What Happens To People Under Stress
2. The Principle Of “Okay Vs. Not-Okay”
3. Effectively Communicate According To Personality Types
4. How To Deal With Upset Customers
5. Win/Win Solutions With The Unhappy Customer

Session #6: “Become A Successful Leader”
1. Are You A Leader Or A Manager… Or Both?
2. The Four Aspects Of Leadership
3. What Leaders Need to Be, Know and Do
4. Nine Tips For People Who Manage Others
5. How To Become A Great Leader
6. It’s Your Ship… How Will You Lead It?