There’s Always Room for A Taylor (And for You)

In raising our six Taylor children, who are now adults with their own children, we have always tried to stress the power of a positive, expectant attitude. Let me share some examples.

Concerts, Performances, Games:
If one of our kids wants to attend a concert that is sold out, we advise them to show up anyway. Out of all those people, someone will not show up. Perhaps they became ill, forgot the event, or had something else come up. The point is for you to be there, ready to purchase that ticket not picked up or that was cancelled. Be ready to buy from someone selling their ticket outside the event, or even giving away an extra one that they can’t use. Because you only need one ticket, and there are certainly more than one that will become available. Remember, there is always room for a Taylor, but only if a Taylor shows up to get it.

Are you going to the mall, a game, or anywhere else with crowded parking? Are you tempted to park far away and walk the distance. Good. The exercise will do you well. But you may also want to consider that people are constantly getting into their cars and driving away, including those who are parked up close to the doors. Drive on up, keep your eyes open for someone heading to their car or backing out. Be ready to take their place. You may have to drive around again, or again. You may even end up having to park far away. But not always. Not even usually. Because there is always room for a Taylor.

I have experienced this first hand, as have most people. You’re out of a job and are looking for employment. And the market is tight. Very few companies may be looking for your set of skills. My advice is to recognize that there is more than one opening out there that is a match for you. And since you are just one person, you only need only one job. So with that in mind, get out there. Make contacts. Meet people. Ask for referrals. Maybe you will need to take a job that isn’t exactly the one you were originally looking for, or that doesn’t use all your skills. But any work is worthy and noble if you to it with a positive and grateful attitude. Getting in the door is often the most important move, and then additional opportunities may become available within that company. Plus, you are usually in a stronger position to be seeking a job when you already have one.

Life In General:
If you are looking for reasons to be discouraged or frustrated, you will definitely find enough to satisfy your search. But if you remember that there is good out there and that there are reasons to smile, you’ll find them too. Bad experiences help us to appreciate the good ones. And positive experiences help make up for the difficult times. In our family, we have simply found that when looking for something good, it helps to remember that there is always room for a Taylor, or a Brown or a Schmidt or a… (what was your last name again?).